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Hints & Tips for Your Move

Use our handy guide to ensure a move that is a trouble-free and painless as possible:

  • Ensure that mirrors and pictures are placed in a safe area, but can be readily seen.
  • Keep all essentials in a single container marked "DO NOT REMOVE" (i.e. cheque book, passport, documents for the house purchase, keys for the new owner, maps, food for the day, and of course, the kettle and tea bags!)
  • If you are packing yourself, ensure you load the cartons to a level in which the top can be sealed.
  • Make sure all cartons containing fragile items are clearly marked so all crew members are aware of the contents.
  • Run down food stocks and make a few trips to the dump prior to your move day.
Loading up On the day
  • Try to ensure that parking is available for the removal van(s) at both load and unload addresses.
  • Keep all passage-ways and staircases clear of boxes.
  • Advise the foreman on arrival of any items you wish the crew to take particular care with (i.e. furniture with loose joints or legs).
  • Arrange for appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and cookers to be disconnected.
  • Try to place pets with friends or neighbours and not lock them in a room where noise and movement will agitate and over excite them.
  • Keep all children out of the way when the men are carrying goods out to the van and never allow them onto the back of the van.
  • Be careful if transporting your own valuables or breakable items on car seats. Remember, a moment's in-attention can mean disaster.
  • Contact our office if you are going to arrive late at your new home or encounter some unforeseen problems on the journey. Take the mobile number of the foreman and keep it with you.
On our Way!Notifications

Remember to notify the following of your change of address and removal date:

  • Banks, Credit Card & Finance companies
  • Inland Revenue
  • Insurance companies: Home, Car & Health
  • DVLA and Motoring organisations
  • Clubs/memberships
  • Telephone/Internet providers
  • Cable/Satellite TV suppliers
  • Utilities suppliers: Water Board, Gas, Electric.
  • Friends and Neighbours
  • Your GP (and make new arrangements, if necessary)
  • Any Schools or Colleges that your children may attend.
  • Also remember to cancel or return papers, library books, milk delivery, videos/games, borrowed items.

And finally, remember to allow plenty of time for goodbyes to your neighbours!

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